Gravity Mining MGS Chassis

We worked with Redruth-based Gravity Mining to improve the manufacturability of steel fabricated components of the C902 Multi Gravity Separator (MGS).

Gravity Mining

C902 Multi Gravity Separator Custom Chassis

Not far from our Penryn offices, Gravity Mining’s HQ is based in the historic hard rock mining centre of Cornwall. Engaged in metallurgical and mineral processing, with a particular focus on gravity separation and concentration, they manufacture Multi Gravity Separators (MGS) which have been developed extensively from a concept first produced by Richard Mozley Ltd.

One of their most well-known, the C902 MGS is a compact double drum commercial production unit used to separate fine and ultra fine minerals from mine tailings to produce saleable grade concentrate. The machines have also been successfully deployed to extract precious metals or other valuable secondary minerals from what would otherwise be waste materials.

Due to growth in demand for the C902 MGS, we were approached by Gravity Mining to run a design study to determine the stress and deflections of the main foundation sections of the C902 MGS chassis, drum support arms and oscillating drive mount with a view to optimising the construction and logistical impact of these components.

Design considerations included specific operational loading parameters, such as:

  • Dynamic frequency
  • Y and X axis loading
  • Normal operation (balanced load in each drum)
  • Unbalanced drums
  • Single drum operation

Working with MetalCraft Cornwall in Penryn, the manufacturer of the C902 steel components, we produced an optimised design featuring:

  • Laser-cut steel sections and folded profiles remove the need for post-fabrication drilling of bolt holes and allow self-jigging of components
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Fabrication activities limited to profiling, plate folding and welding
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Reduced assembly time, (0.5 week manufacture time per unit compared with 2 weeks previously)
  • Reduced component part storage requirements
  • Reduced transport requirements
  • Improved structural integrity


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