MintMech Iron Roughneck

Iron Roughneck

Specialist handling equipment, we designed our remotely-operated iron roughneck to remove human personnel from operating decks.

Geoquip Marine

Bespoke Iron Roughneck

Specialist handling equipment, we designed remotely-operated iron roughnecks to safely connect and disconnect segments of pipe on geotechnical offshore drilling rigs. Improving safety, efficiency and productivity on board two offshore vessels, they were designed to remove the need for manual handling on offshore drilling rigs – alleviating the human operation of chains or tongs and limiting the need for personnel on operating decks.

Engineered in accordance with DNV and built to exacting specifications, our specialist iron roughnecks were custom-made to enhance the functionality of existing designs and reduce costs. Meeting exacting project and vessel-specific requirements, they accommodate the unique structural differences and height constraints of each derrick, and also come with simple-to-use control systems with visual indicators for smooth, remote operation.

Design features:

  • Can torque against the power swivel (bit breaker)
  • Full safety interlocking without a PLC
  • Compact design to suit single and twin mast geotech rigs
  • Pedestal mounted controls and custom driller cabin control
  • Calibrated adjustable torque setting
  • Adjustable cylinders to clamp drill sections and cylinders to control vertical position

Engineering Excellence

At MintMech, we deliver black and white solutions to complex engineering requirements and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality design, build and commission packages.