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Antofagasta, Chile

Large Diameter Drilling

Specialists in large diameter drilling solutions, supporting offshore wind and marine construction projects internationally.

Tailored technical services

Our team has been involved from the very early days of large diameter drilling, and now focus on providing leading industry expertise in the application of both subsea and topside large diameter drilling systems.

From pile installation to shaft sinking, we specialise in solving the most technically challenging aspects of the drilling at this scale.

  • Ensuring safe and effective operations
  • Productivity, reliability and operability
  • Client representation and tender reviews
  • Technical support
  • Performance verification

Spoil Management

Air lifting, reverse-circulation and dredge pump-based spoil handling systems. Fines removal and plume reduction.

Handling Systems

Pile handling and temporary work spreads.

Project Support

Diligent design, high-quality build, onsite installation and ongoing operational support.


Site investigation, marine impact assessment, reduced noise pollution, spoil handling.

Case Study

Performance Verification

Deviations from contractors’ drilling production rates can have a major impact on a project, with both financial and scheduling consequences. We have a developed a range of tools to independently determine drilling progress rates and cycle times using both spoil extraction flow rates and drill cutter performance.

Our spoil extraction flows rates can determine the amount of spoil that can be entrained in both an air lift pumping system or dredge pump, and draw on the very latest of calculation methods for both, whilst all being supported with empirical evidence and experience.

  • Ingersoll-Rand, 2-Phase approximations and Delft methodologies
  • Critical and hindered settling velocities
  • Comparable concentration methods
  • Air lift performance and functional limitations
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