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Offshore Handling

Active and passive heave compensated lifting, launching, recovery and handling equipment for difficult applications.

Turnkey handling solutions

Handling objects and equipment offshore, whether that is on the deck of a vessel or deploying into the ocean, presents a particular range of challenges and required considerations to ensure practical, usable solutions. We have a long history of developing and manufacturing equipment of this type and provide robust solutions to a wide range of projects.

  • Launch and recovery systems
  • Drill string, pipe and riser deployment systems
  • Compensated or non-compensated
  • Active or passive compensation
  • Pile handling equipment
  • Heavy load equipment
  • Bespoke control systems

Case Study

5t DNV LARS with integrated HPU

The MintMech 5t DNV launch and recovery system (LARS) is an elegantly engineered solution that combines ease-of-use with high performance. The self-erecting mast is deployed by ‘walking’ the main cylinders between dedicated fore and aft ram lugs, allowing the mast to fully lower backwards for transport and to provide ease of access to the crownbeam mounted handling winch and primary sheave arrangement. When the MintMech LARS is folded for transport, it neatly fits a high-cube ISO container gauge allowing straight-forward top-stack sea freight and standard road transport.

  • Designed in accordance with DNV
  • Integrated control system and hydraulic power unit
  • Designed with ease of maintenance in mind
  • Can be fitted with custom LARS deck handling equipment
  • Well suited to geotechnical tool deployment
  • Offshore rated lifting points
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