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Specialist Equipment

Specialist automated and semi-automated solutions for offshore handling, drilling and spoil management.

Solving complex challenges

Specialist equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, from downhole tooling and safety systems to robust deck handling and automation equipment. We develop unique solutions engineered for the harshest of environments.

Drawing on decades of machine design and a deep understanding of complex offshore operations, we work hard to fully understand the challenges our clients face and work collaboratively to engineer custom solutions.

From concept consultancy to fully commissioned, we oversee and facilitate a wide range of projects internationally.

  • Rapid installation with operators in mind
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safe by design
  • Upgrade existing equipment to meet the demands of today
  • Turnkey design, build, commission packages


We take high-level concepts through to class-approved detail design - employing highly effective problem-solving, next generation engineering software and classic hand calculation, and a no-nonsense design for manufacture ethos.


Our experienced team of engineers manage the manufacture and acceptance testing process of all projects. We work in partnership with a reliable network of long-term suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards.


We undertake site commissioning and installation. Completed efficiently and safely, our well-planned mobilisations allow thorough equipment testing and sign-off to be combined with structured operator training.

MintMech Iron Roughneck


Iron Roughneck

We designed our Iron Roughneck to connect and disconnect segments of pipe on geotechnical offshore drilling rigs. This specialist machine negates the need for dangerous, manual operation and critically improves safety and productivity. Engineered in accordance with DNV, with a custom control system.

  • Can torque against the power swivel (bit breaker)
  • Full safety interlocking without a PLC
  • Compact design to suit single and twin mast geotech rigs
  • Pedestal mounted controls and custom driller cabin control 
  • Removes repetitive manual tong operations
  • Improves productivity
  • Calibrated adjustable torque setting

Jacklad 650

JackLad JUB CTV Boarding Ladder

MintMech’s CTV jack up ladders (JackLad) permit safe access and egress from <6.5t CTVs to offshore structures. They feature a unique shock absorption system and are designed to encompass a 9m range with 12 operational positions. Identified by the International Jack Up Barge Operators Association (IJUBOA) as ‘best practise access solution’.

  • Fully raised position allows safe floating transit
  • Walk to work solution for improved safety and operability
  • Adjustable height for various air gaps
  • Best in class solution
  • Turnkey package for your vessel


Remote Tool Handler

The MM RTH MK3 handles downhole tooling with minimal operator intervention or manual handling and removes roosterbox / compensated platform access and handover requirements during drilling, greatly improving personnel and operational safety. The semi-automated electro-hydraulic system features wireless remote control, manual backup control and electrical positioning monitoring that combines with drill position to provide full interlocking. As is standard in MintMech equipment, the system is designed with operation and maintenance personnel in mind, with zero fabrication installation allowing installation onto the drill derrick within 2 days.

  • Removes dangerous access and egress requirements
  • Easy to use with short training requirements
  • Innovative yet robust cable and hydraulic hose management
  • No weld rapid install installation
  • Full positional interlocking

Active-Heave-Assist Compensation System

We created the retrofittable Active-Heave-Assist Compensation System to improve the geotechnical drilling performance of existing assets. By piggybacking on the existing passive heave compensation system, the AHA system allows the driller easily command the drill string to remain stationary relative to the seabed as a vessel heaves up and down, regardless of system friction. This allow displacement controlled drilling methodologies to be used to core and geotechnical sample soft and fractured geologies with ease.

  • Improve drilling performance of existing assets
  • Plug and play 2-day installation
  • Reduces borehole damage due to swabbing
  • Familiar driller orientated user interface
  • Optimised to use existing HPU power
  • Robust industrial spool valve hydraulics
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