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Subsea Engineering

Remotely operated equipment engineered for the harshest environments.

Robust subsea solutions

Designing and manufacturing for subsea applications requires an eye for detail, quality and engineering excellence. From material selection to subsea control interfaces, we specialise in providing reliable fit-for-purpose solutions to a range of engineering challenges.

  • Leading engineering services and equipment
  • Fully tailored to each project
  • Development, manufacture, and operation of subsea technologies
  • Training and bespoke advice

Specialist HPUs

Actuation systems

Sensor and monitoring packages

Commissioning and training

Case Study

Subsea drill pipe clamps

Seabed frame mounted drill pipe clamps are a staple of the geotechnical industry. Electro-hydraulically-powered clamps operate in the harshest of deep sea environments whilst being exposed to the moving drill string, drill bit and drill cuttings. Our clamps are engineered for this and proven to work reliably in these conditions around the world.

  • Various drill string diameter options
  • Emergency release or clamp functions available
  • Readily available replicable clamp dies
  • Designed to be fitter friendly and easy to maintain
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