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Geotechnical Drilling

Engineering innovative solutions for the next generation of geotechnical drilling systems.

Comprehensive technical services

We offer comprehensive geotechnical drilling support services for safe, efficient site investigation and data acquisition.

On land and sea, we provide specialist oversight on a range of complex drilling projects; from offshore wind farm geotechnical survey to ultra-deep water mineral exploration

  • Heave compensation systems
  • Coring operations
  • Downhole tooling
  • Drilling operation support and training
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Safety and performance upgrades

Client representation

Maintenance management

Equipment upgrades

Mobilisation support

Case Study

Ultra-Deep Geotechnical Exploration

We continue to provide operational and technical expertise supporting JOGMEC’s pioneering ultra-deep geotechnical exploration project in Japan. This project provides some of the most challenging geotechnical conditions, combining deep water drilling, complex seabed formations and hydrothermal vents to navigate.

  • Ongoing technical support, maintenance, management, equipment upgrade
  • Combining our expertise in turnkey equipment supply and engineering consultancy services
  • Proud to have been engaged in this project for more than a decade
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